We look after New Zealand Blood Service with their SilverStripe web development on the common web platform.

Common Web platform (cwp)

New Zealand Blood Service is built on SilverStripe CWP. SilverStripe is contracted to Internal Affairs as the CWP service provider. Do you want more information on CWP?

Custom functionality

There is a lot of custom functionality on this project. API integrations into DRM, Eligibility custom code, height and weight calculators, in this example you are seeing the quiz which can be created in the cms, on any page, with different sets of results.

Interactive Map

Using the interactive map you can check to see if you can donate blood if you have come from a foreign country. Travel from an area where there is a risk of exposure to certain diseases can result in symptomless infection(s) that can be transmitted through blood transfusion. Check out the live map.