DIY Website or Professional Developed?

10 years ago this would not have been a question you would have been considering. The options to build your own website were very limited, clunky and down right terrible. Fast forward to today, 2016 and you have multiple options for DIY website builders which are actually quite good. So the question now for small and medium business owners building a website is, DIY or get a company in to do it?

Both options have various pros and cons for several different scenarios, budgets, and patience.

Let's start off with do it yourself website builders. There are many out there, which suit different needs, different skill levels, different budgets and different patient levels. You will hear a lot about budgets and patient levels in this article FYI.

For your brochure DIY website Squarespace and Weebly spring to mind, there are plenty more, just Google brochure website builder. These kind of builders are for the less complicated website, your photo portfolios, small business, some do have eCommerce but options are limited, they do their job, design is beautiful, easy to use but they are not as flexible as other website builders. Budget wise they are as cheap as chips if you are budget orientated then these options are great.

Bigger websites you might be looking at WordPress, or something similar, these are more content management systems, they have themes which you can choose from and use a WYSIWYG for you to edit content.

Then there is the option to hand the job over to professionals, obviously the most expensive option, the price can range from $5000 to $100,000 depending on the job or if they are using a propriety CMS or open source CMS.

So which is the right option for you? Well, we can't tell you that but at least we can give you some food for thought. In order to tell which is the best solution for you, you need to determine what site matches you and your business needs.

What do you need?

A brochure site is a simple option, you just want to get your web presence out there, give credibility to your business, basic information, pictures, phone numbers that kind of stuff. You do not need it to sell, bring you in thousands of leads (even though some can if you choose to use SEM and SEO options). A simple website builder will do fine.

Are you selling products online? Then you will need an e-commerce site like OpenCart, Magento or Shopify. These are a little more complicated, your handling cash and processing payments. You can do these yourself but the CMS's are a lot more complicated and you might take some tie setting them up, it will require patience and trial and error.

If your new business is solely online and is not the normal site, eCommerce site or booking site then you will need to bring in the professionals to build the project for you. They do not need to start from scratch. The web professionals can start with open source solutions like WordPress or SilverStripe CMS and build onto it. This helps keeps cost down and not blowing out your budgets.

How good are you?

Website builders are the simplest and easiest to use if you are digitally challenged these are a great option for you or bring in the professional. WordPress etc is still relatively easy to use but some basic HTML can come in handy.


The only common denominator is if you build it yourself it will be less expensive. You have DIY systems which can cost $5 per month or $400 per month. The professionals, one company can charge you $1000 for a brochure site another will charge you $7000 for the same job. They both will have their reasoning why they are cheaper or more expensive. You just have to make sure you are comparing apples with apples.