Improve Your Website Traffic

As web master, business owner or whatever you want to call yourself, we often feel like it is an uphill struggle in the digital world. We do not have the limitless size budgets as our competitors, which come with the squad of marketers. So how can small business, against the big guys, compete? Have a look at the tips below, which can help you be your dragon slayer.

1. Facebook remarketing/retargeting

Facebook is a huge marketing tool for your business. Now you can set up remarketing, some people call it retargeting but we will go with remarketing. By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your website you can continue to market to customers who have been to your website, when they are not on your website. This is great as they have shown interest by going to your website, they then leave and down the track they see your advert on another website.

2. Facebook email custom audiences

Not may people know about this but this is a great tool. Grab your email list, upload it to Facebook and it finds the social accounts of anyone with the related email addresses. You then market to those users.

3. Twitter remarketing & Twitter custom audiences

These both work the same way as Facebook in points 1 and 2. Follow here to see how on Twitter

4. Spend a lot of your time on the adverts headline

Most people will read a headline and not full ad. This is why it is hugely important to spend most of you time creating adverts, on the headline.

5. Build an email list

Every business has got an email list and if you do not, you need to get one. Driving traffic through newsletter is cheap, sometimes free and easy, using a program like mailchimp is a great start, they have templates ready to go and make sure you are within the limits of the spam laws.

6. Blog

Blogging does drive traffic, that is why most companies are blogging. It refreshes your content and has lovely content/keywords, which Google loves. If you then promote your blog on your social media accounts and become an industry leader, your inbound marketing will skyrocket.

7. Optimize your site for SEO

This really should come as standard for any new website, onsite optimisation should be done in the development phase and off site after go live. There are great tools out there to help you, our favorite is Essentially SEO comes down to content, organisation, user experience and technical considerations.

8. Partner up

For your business there will be partner opportunities out there, we are a SilverStripe Partner, we were able to write a little bit about us and list our projects, that gives us great exposure and also leads to incoming traffic coming from a great source.