We are small yet mighty, we are agile yet love processes, we are go-getters but most of all, we are digital!

The Web Torque journey started in 2010 with a couple of developers, a small office and a lot of bright ideas. We’ve been growing ever since.

We chose SilverStripe CMS as our framework of choice to build our clients digital businesses on. It is open source, easy to use and even easier to build on. We are now proud to be experts in SilverStripe CMS, we’ve grown our SilverStripe knowledge and embraced it as the CMS Kiwis love.

Now, our team is made of up strategists, developers, creatives, marketers and designers, and everything in between. While we’ve grown into a larger business, our team still remains close-knit. We continue to be passionate about growing and transforming businesses for the digital landscape.

Based in Auckland, we look after businesses from all over the country. From multinational corporate companies, through to new startups, we believe there is no job too big or too small. We’re proud to be an agency that does a lot: from digital strategy, to design and UX, to web development, to marketing and analysis. 

We believe in using all of our skills in collaboration to create smart, intuitive and exceptional web products. It’s something our customers love about us - our desire to outperform expectations and run a good race.

At Web Torque, we believe that:

  • An agency should work with its clients. Not for them.
  • Our added value, it’s the creative idea that embrace business strategic vision.
  • Customers time is precious. To be engaging, content must be relevant.
  • Fun is key.
  • While there are more and more touchpoints, they have never been so connected.
  • Technology must contribute to ideas. Not the opposite.
  • Smartphones are an extension of the soul. 

If you have an idea that you want to grow, we want to hear about it. Let’s talk.