Gibbston Valley Winery faced a necessary update to its web presence, through a much-needed redesign and the building of a new back-end system, which would eliminate many frustrations from the previous system.

Project challenges

Web Torque's biggest challenge was the Wine Club. With approximately 5000 members with quarterly shipments of 3, 6 or 12 bottles (there are custom rules that let you get more), the logistics of that process were immense. The shipping matrix alone took a few days to program. At the same time, we thought we would do our first parallax scrolling website, responsive front-end web design, and modular SilverStripe CMS to allow the client to choose what elements go onto a page.

Our solutions

After months and months in the design and prototyping stage, we started to program the backend into SilverStripe, giving the client complete control of every aspect of the web content, e-commerce shop or wine club. Gibbston Valley can change the layouts, shop pricing, discount levels, vouchers, shipping prices, they have control of everything.

The result

Gibbston Valley was extremely happy with the end result. We continue to work with them on new projects, which will improve their exporting capabilities.